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One of the best organisations in the World Superbike paddock is that of SMW Racing. The details and modernity make it one of the most followed and central places in the paddock, thanks again to the central positioning that the organiser dedicates to SMW Racing.

A tensile structure joined to the truck, covering an area of 130 square metres, where the main activities of the team and sponsors take place. Internal lighting, inserted directly into the tent bars, creates a play of light and colours that makes this team one of the most beautiful even at nightfall.

A newly built, visually impressive truck, equipped with the main necessary machinery and all comforts, accompanies the riders and the team to all races.


SMW Racing was born from the passion for racing of its owners, already entrepreneurs in other sectors, and today it is one of the best structures in the world on the World Superbike stage.


ul. Flory 9/2, 00-586 Warszawa (PL)

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